• The main mission of Nirmala Arts Club is to inspire the students to come together and hold hands with their fellow beings to share the same love, passion and admiration they possess towards “arts”.
  • Arts Club helps them rejuvenate their artistic talents as well as their personalities thereby creating awareness and appreciation towards artistic pursuits.
  • It acts as a forum to discuss about Arts and ensures active student participation in all creative projects and activities of the college.



A great day and proud moment for every Indian. We Nirmalites celebrated our nation’s 74th Independence Day at NASC with great civility and respect.

Celebrations were conducted in the online platform,  and this coined the first Online programme held in the history of our college. All the competitions  were conducted  following strictly the norms and regulations of Covid-19. The competitions lasted upto two days,  including 15th and 17th of August, 2020.

A Patriotic Face-Painting Competition, “Colours of Freedom” was conducted on 15th of August 2020 at 10:00 a.m. The students were supposed to send their face-painted photos within the time allotted by the judges. The judging panel was chaired by Mrs.Aswathy V.N (Assistant Professor, Department  of English),Mr. Anandhu Aravindan(Assistant Professor, Department of B.B.A) and Ms Anjana Joji(Assistant  Professor, Department of Commerce) . Students from almost all departments participated in the competition with much ardour  and passion.

Vishnu Jayan of II B.B.A secured first and Tony P.V of III B.B.A secured the second position.

An Oratorical Contest , named as “Words of the Wise” was conducted on 17th of August 2020 at 10:00 a.m. The competition was  conducted in  Malayalam and English categories through the online platform Google meet. As instructed, the competitors assumed themselves as freedom fighters and presented themselves with much valour and vigour The power of freedom fighters reflected in the words of each competitor.

English Oration was chaired by the judges Mr. Deepu.G (H.O.D, Department of English) and Ms.Bela. C.Baby  (Assistant Professor, Department of English).Out of the six competitors, Vrinda. M.G, II B.Com Taxation got the first prize and Mahima Verma, II B.A English secured the second prize.

Malayalam Oratorical competition was chaired by a judging panel of  Dr.George (Assistant Professor, Department of Malayalam) and Mrs Sheena Chacko( Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce). Athul Varghese, II B.A English secured the first position and Krishnapriya Vinu, II B.Com Taxation secured the second position. Winners of all the competitions were awarded cash prizes.



Teachers’ Day, celebrated on 5th of September  every year on the occasion of the birth of India’s second President , the most respected Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the man who believed that teachers are the real nation builders.As a tribute to their teachers, the students of NASC conducted department -wise celebrations, planned it as a surprise to their beloved teachers through Google meet and through our Official YouTube channel. All the programmes were planned and executed obeying all the Covid- 19 protocols.

Department of B.B.A

The programmes got started with a video presentation by Department of B.B.A, and it was streamed through the official youtube channel of our college at 9:45 a.m. The efforts they have put in, to make that day a most memorable one was highly appreciable. The video revealed the most amazing moments they have spent with their teachers within the campus. Student Co-ordinators: Anuja ( II B.B.A).

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology started their programme by 10:00 a.m. The event was named as “ Drona”. Our respected manager Dr.George Kuriakose , Dean Dr. Daisy N.O and Principal Dr.Geetha C.V, Mary Anjitha, H.O.D Department of Psychology including other teaching, non-teaching staff and all tge students were invited to the platform. The programmes got streamed through Google meet followed by a beautiful video presentation, which included various musical and dance performances by the students. An interactive sessions with the teachers and some fun games were included. The programmes got over by 10:55 a.m. Student co-ordinators: Devika (II year Psychology), Anagha Peringalath (II year Psychology).

Department of English Language and Literature

The students of Department  of English started their programme by giving a warm welcome by Unnimaya Manoj final year B.A student. Our Manager Dr.George Kuriakose, our Dean Dr. Daisy, Principal Dr.Geetha, Deepu G,  (H.O.D Department of English), all the teachers of the college, non-teaching staff and students were invited to the platform with great respect. The students presented an awesome video presentation followed by a live chit -chat session  with the teachers. Teachers were invited to share their thoughts and teaching experiences. It was a wonderful session and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the treat which proved to be a real surprise for them. Liya M.P, II year B.A student gave the Vote of thanks. Student co-ordinators were Athul Varghese(II B.A),  Mahima Verma (II B.A), Liya M.P ( II B.A),Navin M.D (II B.A) Unnimaya Manoj (III B.A) and Aiswarya (III B.A)

Department of Commerce

The students of the Department of Commerce gave a visual treat through an enigmatic video presentation sharing their beautiful memories and love towards their beloved teachers. The video was streamed through our official youtube channel by 12:10 p.m. Krishna Priya (II B.com Tax), Fiona (II B.com Tax)were the student co-ordinators.

Department of B.C.A

B.C.A department  started their celebrations by 1:15 p.m. The programmes were organised and presented through Google meet . Our manager Dr.George Kuriakose, Dean Dr. Daisy, our Principal Dr.Geetha, Department of B.C.A, H.O.D Mrs. Steffy Varghese, including  all the other teachers, non-teaching staff and students were invited with great respect. Jobin a III  year B. C. A student dedicated a beautiful song as a surprise gift to the teachers, on the students’ behalf. An interactive session with the teachers and various  entertainment programmes were included. Final year B.C.A student Bronia gave the Vote of thanks. The programmes got over by 12:45 p.m. Student co-ordinators were Bronia (III B.C.A), Vysakh Kannan (III B.C.A), Jithina (III B.C.A) and Arun (II B.C.A).

e-ONAM@2020( 26 th August 2020)

Onam is not only the greatest festival of Malayali but the greatest celebration that no Malayali can afford to skip. Unlike other festivals allover India Onam is not about victory or defeat. It is a festival that defines goodness itself through the sacrifice of Asura king Mahabali. And as we malayali’s often say “kanam vittum onam unnanam” – which translates into “we should celebrate onam at any cost or whatever condition we are facing” – NASC was ready to tackle the challenges raised by COVID-19.

The rules and regulations of global pandemic Covid restricted our students and teachers to our houses but it wasn’t good enough to restrict our spirits to conduct onam celebrations with the help of technology. Thus e-Onam 2020 was successfully celebrated in the Nirmala family on 26 th of August 2020, with as much as enthusiasm of traditional college celebrations.

A number of celebrities like Suraj Venjaramood, Nandana Varma, BK Harinarayanan, Varun Sunil showered blessings and wishes for our onam celebrations. A variety of programmes were organized and conducted following all the covid protocols through online medium only. An onam committee was constituted with staff advisors Deepu G and Vidya Viswam who were assisted by teachers Anandhu, Revathy, Nisha and students of various departments.The students of NASC also made a beautifully edited video of e-onam 2020 programme which was uploaded in the NASC YouTube channel. The live stream of the programme too was viewed by our current and former students making our e-onam a grand success.


INDIAN AIR FORCE DAY (8 th October,2020)

The motto of Indian Air force., Nabha Sparsham Deeptam, means ”Touch the sky with glory”.With much pride and honour our nation celebrated the 88th  birth anniversary  of Indian Air force on 8 October ,2020 .In order to raise awareness  about the IAF officially  and publicly, Indian Air force Day is celebrated on October 8th  every year .

We Nirmalites also celebrated this year’s  Airforce Day on 8 th of October. Our Arts Club and Voice of Youth joined hands together and celebrated the event  through a five minute video presentation streamed online. Students from all the departments actively participated and offered their help and assistance in whichever ways possible. The efforts put in by our Student Co-ordinators Unnimaya Manoj( III B.A) Jobin Raju( III B.C.A), Anagha V.Peringalath (II Psychology) and Feona Lissy (II B.Com Tax)  are highly appreciable.


CHILDREN’S DAY( 14 th of November,2020)

Children’s Day is celebrated each year on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s Day would always be one of the special days in schools. Now we are in college and that doesn’t mean that it’s meant only for school- going students.. We, Nirmalites celebrated our Children’s Day named” Heyy Kiddo 2020″ on 14 th November 2020 with much fun and frolic through Google platform. This year unfortunately all we got is just a virtual meet, but NASC Arts Club has put in full effort in making this day a most memorable one.

The programme was coordinated by students of our college and  various  entertainments of kids of different age groups were included.  Children from different age groups including kith and kin of our students,  and kids of teaching and non-teaching staff performed various activities including dance , speech , musical entertainments  etc . Kids of teaching and non-reacting staff members greeted our students  through online  It wa a proud moment for the teachers and students as well. Arts Club faculty members, student co-ordinators of Arts Club and student members of Arts Club left no stones unturned to make the day a most  special and memorable one.



Christmas,  the Feast of the Nativity, is a festival of joy, hope and love commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration by billions of people around the world. This year all festivities and rituals were performed in compliance adhering to Covid protocols, and this has created a huge impact on our students as well . We were bound to celebrate this year’s Christmas and New year celebrations through online medium.

Nirmala Arts and Science College Mulanthuruthy in association with our Arts Club conducted various online programmes and competitions to explore the talents of our students. The competition’s started one week prior to the the main celebrations which was held on 24 th of December, 2020 via online platform.

The programme started at 10:00 a.m. with Emcee handled by  Unnimaya Manoj & Vandhana Varghese of final year B.A . The programme started with a prayer song sung by Anagha Peringalalath    [2nd Yr Psychology].  Vidya Viswam, Staff Adviisor and Convenor of Arts Club feted the dignitaries of our institution our Manager, Shri George Kuriakose , Dean Daisy N.O and our Principal Dr.Geetha C.A with utmost respect and  admiration.  Smt. Daisy N.O, Dean, gave the felicitation and Dr.Geetha C A , Principal and HODs of all the departments  greeted  all Nirmalites with X.mas New  Year wishes.

The official programme was followed by lots of  entertainment programmes.The results of all the competitions were announced and photos of the winners and their works were presented through the video presentation. The excitements and entertainments of the programme  followed -through its ending and was concluded with a vote of thanks by  Feona Lissy A.S , II Year B.Com Tax .

The remarkable and  untiring  efforts of  all the faculty members of Arts Club including Deepu G, Revathy S, Nisha Antony and Vidya Viswam along with Student Coordinators of Arts Club , Unnimaya Manoj III B A., Jobin Raju III B.C.A, Anagha V. Peringalath II Psychology, Feona Lissy II B.Com Tax, additional assistance by Mahima Verma II B.A, Surya Soman IIII B.com Tax and technical assistance given by Arun Raj R made the day a more successful and memorable one.


INDIAN ARMY DAY, 15 th January 2021

India observes 15th of January as Indian Army day every year. It is celebrated in recognition of Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa’s  taking over as the first Commander-in- Chief of the Indian Army from General Francis Butcher, the last British Commander in 1949. Amid the devastating impact  of Covid- 19, the day was celebrated on Friday at Delhi’s Parade Ground this year. It is true that we often forget the hard work and dedication of the soldiers who gave their lives for our motherland. They sacrificed their today.. to protect our tomorrow..

So inorder to thank our protectors, our guardians,  Arts Club of Nirmala Arts and Science College, Mulanthuruthy in association with IQAC and Voice of Youth celebrated the 73 rd Indian Army Day on 15 th of January,2021. A video named as “Amar Jawan: A Grand Salute to Indian Army” was presented as a humble tribute to our Indian Army. Students from all our departments including Arts Club and Voice of Youth members had put in their utmost effort in the making of such an inspiring video with a great message. The video was streamed online on the same date at 10:00 a.m.

Vismaya K.A of II year B.A, gave the Welcome Speech. Mahima Verma of II year B.A recited her own poem on Pulvama Attack. The poem written in Hindi was  recited beautifully by her and am sure it would have invoked pride and respect towards the saviours of our motherland. Voice over was done by Amal Nixon ( I year B.C.A), Mahima Verma ( II year B.A), Krishna Priya ( II B.Com Tax) Rachel Deepak  Jacob Thapa ( I year B.A) and Technical Assistance was given by Arun Raj R (II Year B.C.A)