Code of conduct cell

Nirmala Arts and Science College, Mulanthuruthy has a prescribed code  of conduct  for students , teachers, adminstrators and Non-Teaching  staff. The Code reflects the College’s mission and vision. Students are responsible for reading and reviewing the Code of Student Conduct, and  understanding their responsibilities. The cell  organizes professional ethics and annual awareness programmes.


  • To clarify our organization's mission, values, principles rules ®ulations.
  • To create an awareness among the staff and students about the Do’s and Don’ts inside the campus.
  • To help to take immediate actions based on the code of conduct.

Activity reports

Report 2020-2021

The code of conduct cell conducted a talk on “Student Ethical Practices” on 23/3/2021. The speaker was Mr. Ajeesh KP, Janamaithri Trainer, Kerala Police. The main tag line of the program was “know what is right to do”…