About the Department

The Department of English sprouted its roots in the year 2013. The department offers a double main graduate programme in English Literature and Communication Studies which comprises of 22 core papers, 3 complimentary papers, 2 common papers, 1 open course and 1 elective.

The central objective of this programme is to enrich our students with communication and reading skills in English. English department is a guide to those who want to explore the world of literature.

The Department plays an active role in the cocurricular activities of the college. Every year, English department plays a leading role in intercollegiate fests, department fests, tours, webinars and seminars.

The department aims to prepare every student professionally fit for placement programmes in every academic year.We provide various orientation programmes and bridge courses to familiarize our students with the course and the curriculum.


To make the students competent in their job-seeking, job-getting and job-holding needs. The course shall cater to equipping the students in Comprehensive Language Enhancement.To introduce the student to the various concepts relating to comparative study of literature and to promote an international approach to the study of literature.

The student will be able to establish an endearing rapport with the cultural aspects of the living environs. The students will be introduced to a selection of regional literatures translated into English.It helps the students to hear the voices from the margins in order to understand the suppressed histories and discourses.


Building confidence to use English in both written and spoken forms. It seeks to introduce the students to the major signposts in the historical evolution of literary studies from its inception to the current postcolonial realm.


  • Mahesh S. of B A has won first prize in body building championship of 70kg from M G University. He also won the Mister Ernakulam competition conducted by National Amateur Body Builders Association and World Fitness Federation of India.
  • Unnimaya Manoj of B A has marked her talent in the world famous Western Classical Orchestra, Orfeo Quintet.
  • Mahima Verma of B A got A grade for essay and short story writing in Hindi of M G University Youth Festival.
  • Lakshmi Mukundan of B A got A grade for Short story and Poetry writing in English of M G University Youth Festival.

Course Offered

B A English Literature and Communication Studies (Model -III Double Main)

Our curriculum includes Common courses, Core courses, Complementary courses, Open courses, Seminar, Project and viva voce. No course shall carry more than four credits. The department offers a double main graduate programme in English Literature and Communication Studies which comprises of 22 core papers, 3 complimentary papers, 2 common papers, 1 open course and 1 elective. Every student has to select one open course in semester 5 offered by various departments of the College. The programme shall extend over a period of three academic years consisting of six semesters.

Research / Expertise

The department of English encourages the students to attend research programmes and seminars held in various institutions. Through this the department aims at moulding the students in academic domains and enhancing their abilities in the field. Students were also given opportunities to attend Biennale from 2013 to 2017 which took place at FORTKOCHI. In the year 2019, the first year students of the department were taken to Sacred Heart College Thevara to attend an intercollegiate seminar related to the topic content writing. Students of the English Department participated in the seminar which helped in enhancing their writing skills. During the year 2019, the students also attended the Krithi International Festival of Books and Authors conducted in the month of February. The students were introduced to a vast number of relevant books and eminent authors during this period. The department functions for the overall development of each of its students and guides them in the right path.


Webinar (A Discussion on Reporting and Editing)

A webinar was organised on the topic “A Discussion on Reporting and Editing” in order to enhance the reporting and editing skills of our students. The webinar was conducted on 25th of september 2020 at 11.00 a.m. via google meet. The resource person was Mr. P.P. Mathew (Senior Journalist, Formerly with Malayala Manorama and Foreign Affairs Editor of Gulf Today, U A E). During the webinar, he shared his own personal experience regarding reporting. Around ninty students were participated on this webinar.

FDP Organized

The department conducts faculty development programs (FDPs) to sharpen the teaching skills of the teachers. They are also encouraged to participate in various inter-college training programs, workshops and seminars. Faculty members are also provided with the opportunity to benefit themselves from the FDPs organised by the institution. Apart from all these teachers are also encouraged to undertake online FDP programs available in various online learning platforms such as SWAYAM, COURSERA etc.

As part of various FDP initiatives many of the faculty members have presented and published research papers at both national and international conferences. And many of them have publications in Scopus indexed and UGC CARE listed journals.

All the faculty members of the department in December 2020 enrolled for the Annual Refresher Program in English Language Teaching offered by the SWAYAM platform, a government of India initiative to ensure quality and equity in education.

The department organised talks of experts in certain relevant topics such as, Scope of English Literature, Reporting and Editing in Journalism etc during the month of September 2020 that were beneficial to the faculty members.

Selected faculty members of the department participated in the webinar on ‘Preparing For Online Teaching’, organised by Sacred Hearts College, Thevara on May 21, 2020

Three of the faculty members participated in a workshop on ‘ Recent Trends in Literature’ organised by the Alphabet of Change, Department of English and Centre for Research, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam in October 2019

Faculty Exchange Programme

Department of English, Nirmala Arts and Science College ( NASC), Mulanthuruthy and Department of English, Naipunnya Institute of Management and Technology (NIMIT), Pongam  jointly conducted an online faculty exchange programme of three hours, on 8th, 9th and 11th of September, 2020 via Google meet platform. Classes were held for the third and fifth semester BA English students of both the institution. Approximately 60 students of NASC and 22 students of NIMIT were involved in the programme. Mrs. Remya S and Mrs.

Mythili Raja were the resource persons who participated in the FEP from the home institution. Miss Emil, Miss Greena, Mr. P. J. Philip, Fr. Antony Kallukkaran and Ms. Grace K. Benny were the resource persons from NIMIT. Students of both the institutions participated in the programme enthusiastically. They were both interactive and responsive. They tried to make the maximum out of the FEP through their curiosity, inquisitiveness and genuine interest in the subjects.

Clubs & Associations

Broadening the soft skills of students is one of the main aims of education. Participating in Clubs and Associations helps to improve the quality of learning as well as learners.

On the 70th Independence day celebration, Literary and Debate club jointly organized the staging of arts programmes. Colourful dances and group discussions were performed.

Meraki, The English Association promotes a sense of unity and responsibility among the students. It plays a key role in conducting seminars, workshops and other creative activities.

The Department also hosts three clubs which provide a productive platform for the students. Joining our Literary Club is an opportunity to read great books and enhance communication skills. Debate Club helps to develop argumentative skills and nurture rational thinking. Celluloid,

The Film Club, is a great way to explore many films and study film as an art. A film review competition was organized based on the movie Pele: Birth of A Legend. Film club screened selected movies and conducted a webinar based on short films. All these clubs function effectively with a desire to promote talents of our learners.


Department fest

As part of intercollegiate feet ‘Srestha’ department of English proudly organised ‘Hemantha’ which chilled the eyes and minds of the crowd with the hues of winter. Another magnificent event winged in the imagination of the department was ‘Ithihasa’ an outdoor game which cought everyone’s attention with its diversity.

Interdepartmental fest

Interdepartmental fest was one of the proud and majestic event in the history of the institution. Each department put in a strong performance to prove their talents. In this fest department of English proved their mettle as overall champions in the arts competitions. This victory secured another golden feather to the history of the department.

Training & Skill Development

On The Job Training

4th and 6th semester students went for a two week teaching practice at St. Mary’s High School, Thalacode, from 28th December 2015 to January 8th 2015.Their teaching ability and class control was put into test in classes V,VI and VII of the school.

Soft Skill Development Class

It was an initiative to hone the communication and soft skills of the students.

Soft Skill Development

Department of English in association with Career Guidance and Placement cell organized a two day online training programme on the month of January for final year students to develop their soft skills as part of facing various interviews.



Poetry Installation – The 3rd and 4th semester students visited Durbar Hall Art Gallery on 26th June 2015 to witness poetry installation.

PR Campaign – As part of the course, students organised PR Campaign from 22nd July 2015 to 5th August 2015. It promoted Hindu newspaper readership. Innovative audio visual presentations, class visits, collage and group discussions were part of the campaign.

Real Reel Experience – Students grabbed a rare chance of experiencing world’s classic films through All Lights India International Film Festival from 15th to 19th November 2015 at Cinepolis Multiplex in Centre Square Mall, Kochi. Around 135 films were screened at ALIIFF. Around 50 students from 1st and 4th semester joined the programme.

On The Job Training – 4th and 6th semester students went for a two week teaching practice at St. Mary’s High School, Thalacode, from 28th December 2015 to January 8th 2015.Their teaching ability and class control was put into test in classes V,VI and VII of the school.


Poetry Installation  – The staff and students visited poetry installation at Durbar Hall on 13th June 2016. It provided an opportunity to familiarize them with famous poets including Tenzin Tsundae, Rafik Ahmed, Cini Mathew John and Ajeesh Dasan. Around 40 students from both 3rd and 5th semester attended the programme.

Wars of Roses  – An Intra-department competition was conducted between 1st, 3rd and 5th semester B A students on 23rd August 2017. 3rd semester BA students emerged as the winners in the various competitions conducted.

Soft Skill Development Class – It was an initiative to hone the communication and soft skills of the students.

On The Job Training – The 4th and 6th semester students went for a two week teaching practice at St. Mary’s High School, Thalacode, from 28th December to 8th January. The students found it to be enriching and confidence boosting experience.


PR Campaign – During the month of August, the final year BA students organized a PR Campaign to raise awareness about dementia titled “Remember The Forgotten”. The event flagged off with a talk by a talk on the disease by Ms. Latha Joseph, administrator, Alzheimer’s Society of India. The campaign saw a Nazik Dhol performance, a host of competitions and the screening of the movie ‘Black’,


Christmas Celebration – Department of English hosted a live carol song performance and a depiction of the nativity scene on Christmas celebration.

Reading the World – Department of English along with the literary club organized a reading week celebration during the month of June.

Tell A Tale – A short story narration contest was conducted in the month of June.

PR Campaign – Department of English hosted a PR Campaign titled “Kinder Stern” with its focus on children’s rights. A plethora of events were lined up in the months of December and January. The events included ‘Cynosure’(Expert talks from eminent speakers). The final year students organized a dance drama depicting the issue of child abuse. An exhibition of paintings was conducted.


The English Association (Meraki) – The inaugural ceremony of the English Department Association “Meraki” took place on 18th December 2019 which was done by the renowned poet Prof. S. Joseph of Maharajas College, Ernakulam. The students performed a melodrama portraying the different ages in human life.

Krithi Books Festival – Students and faculties of the department of English participated in Krithi Book Festival conducted at Marine Drive on 14th February 2019. Around 15 students from 2nd semester students attended the programme.

Dance Drama – Students of the department of English performed a dance drama on the month of December presenting different ages in human life. The Drama was based on Shakespeare’s poem “Seven Ages of Man”.


Inauguration of English Association (Meraki) – The English Association, Meraki was inaugurated on 29th of September 2020. Dr. Priya K. Nair (Asst. Professor and Research Guide, St. Teresa’s College) was invited to inaugurate the association. It was organised through google meet at 11.00 a.m. She talked about English literature in general and familiarised our students with various books of literature.

Soft Skill Development – Department of English in association with Career Guidance and Placement cell organized a two day online training programme on the month of January for final year students to develop their soft skills as part of facing various interviews.

Orientation Programmes

2015-2016 – On the 27th and 28th of July 2016, Dr. Ratheesh Ambatt gave a talk on the topic “Attitude Building” for the second year students.

2016-2017 – Rev. Fr. Thomas Chakariyil gave a motivational talk for the beginners.

An orientation program was conducted in which Dr. Ratheesh Ambatt gave a talk for the final year students.

2017-2018 – On 29th of May, Salini Rakesh, clinical psychologist provided an orientation class for the third year students.

An orientation class conducted for the fifth semester students which were taken by Ratheesh Ambatt from the 12th of June to the 15th of June.

Fr. Aby Varkey provided an orientation class for the freshers.

2018 – 19 – On 25th May, an orientation program was conducted in which Dr. Mary Matilda; former principal of Maharaja’s college gave a talk for the first year students.

2019-2020 – On 25th June, an orientation program was conducted in which Fr. Aby Varkey gave a talk first year students.

A two day orientation program was conducted in which Dr. Ratheesh Ambatt gave a talk On the topic “Conscious Engineering And Career Goal Setting” from the 20th November to 26th November 2019 for the second year and final year students.

2020-2021 – Nirmala Arts and Science College Mulanthuruthy organized an orientation programme for the newly joined graduation students through Google meet on 30/Oct/2020.The programme had two sessions. The first session handled by Prof.Dr.Dileep Kumar -Former vice chancellor of Sree Sankara University Kalady inaugrated the event. The second session handled by Shri Thankkachan, (Director of Rural Science and Technology Thuruthikkara) inaugurated the second session. In his speech he shared how the science and technology will help the students to earn a livelihood. He highlighted the good work of our college E D club. He stressed the need for cooperation by our ED club with Rural Science and technology, Thuruthikkara which will be beneficial to the ED Club.

Remedial Coaching

With an aim to extend a helping hand to the needful students, our institution has implemented a well coordinated remedial coaching system as part of the various student support programmes. This coaching system helps students to achieve expected competencies by improving their academic skills. Thus it fills the gap between what a student knows and what he/she is expected to know.


Focusing on the holistic development of students an effective mentoring system is carried out by our institution. It is an efficient guidance programme in which the experienced faculties mentor the students there by helping them to bring in clarity in their career paths, provide motivation, inspiration and emotional bolstering. Thus the mentoring system helps the students in various angles such as exploring new career vistas, identifying resources and upgrading oneself both interpersonally and intrapersonally.

Parent Teacher Association

English department conducts open houses and PTA on a regular basis. The principal and all the concern teachers use the platform to interact with the parents. The agenda includes a discussion of individual student’s attendance class behaviour and academic performance. Care was taken to collect the feedback from the parents regarding theirconcerns. Absent messages and such other valid information are shared through S M S system.


The Department of English in association with Placement Cell frequently organizes many
recruitment drives for the placement of our students. Campus recruitment drives conducted under the department provides placements to students pursuing the programme. In previous years Industries visited the college and selected students based on aptitude test followed by group discussion and HR round. Our students apply what they learn from here in their practical life. With a view to boost students employability, the college placement cell conducts recruitment drives every year. The college placement cell associate with employers in many sectors. Many of our students get placed with these reputed employers.

Jobin Thomas (2019)

C D Karthika (2020)

Bridge Course

The department of English conducted a language assessment test on 2nd of December 2020 for the 2020-2023 batch of BA students. The results obtained was subjected to valuation and  students who scored less than 65% of marks were put through a bridge course on “Basics of English Language” comprising six modules. Based on the course another examination was conducted on 20th of January. The results of the students in the exam conducted after the successful completion of the course showed satisfying improvement.

                                       BASICS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Module 1

The sentence- subject and predicate- phrase and clause

Module 2

Parts of speech- noun-adjective-adverb-verb-types of noun-types of verb

Module 3

Figure of speech- alliteration- anaphora- assonance- euphemism-hyperbole- irony-metaphor- onomatopoeia- oxymoron- personification-simile.

Module 4

Articles – definite article- indefinite article- uses of articles

Module 5

Tenses- past tense-present tense- future tense- present progressive- past progressive- present perfect

Module 6

Subject verb agreement –subject is singular-subject is plural- nor, neither- either, or –subject comes as a collective noun.

Add-on courses

Learning English is beneficial in all aspects of our life and enrolling in a spoken English course will help us to speak correct English fluently. With the aim of improving English speaking skills, the Department of English offers a spoken English course for students. This course helps them to polish their communication skills and their knowledge in vocabulary. special training is given to students for developing their LSRW skills.