The film club was established in our college on 2020. The Film Club is a great way to explore many films and study film as an art. This club was formed to inculcate a sense of watching films among students. The aim of the club is to train the students to become active viewers of cinema. The club is developed to nourish students with the ability to create their own film projects. It updates the knowledge of students about various perceptions of films. Film club provides various workshops, seminars and webinars for the students to develop skills in editing, filming and writing. Students were also given opportunities to create their short films.


  • To develop a sense of watching films among students.
  • To create active film viewers.
  • To build editing, directing, writing and filming skills among students.
  • To conduct film related academic activities.
  • To explore many films and study film as an art.

Activities Report

Report 2020-2021

Webinar and Short Film Workshop

The Film Club, Celluloid of N A S C is an active wing of college. It started its academic activities of the current year on 18th of December 2020. A webinar was also conducted in association with the inauguration. It was conducted through online platform. The webinar was inaugurated by our former students and short film directors Mr Jayasankar V S and Geevarghese Philip. Their fame lies in the direction of the short film “Season of Lavender”. Season of Lavender is India’s first Silhouette silent short film sprinkled with some elements of romance and fantasy. They talked about different types of short films and the efforts behind the direction of short films. They suggested various ways to direct zero budget short films. There was a screening of their short film Season of Lavender.

Short Film Competition

A short film competition titled Court Metrage was conducted for the students of various departments. The competition invited short films of three minute length. Various creative entries were given by students of various departments.

Report 2019-2020

In this year, we started our film club with 30 members from various departments. We conducted a grand inaugural ceremony of film club. Celluloid was the name given to film club.

Inauguration of Film Club Celluloid and Workshop

The Film Club of Nirmala Arts and Science College, “Celluloid” was officially inaugurated on 3rd March 2020 Tuesday at 2.00 P M by the famous theatre artist, story teller and founder of Aala, the space for art and related fields. Chief guest of the day Sri Manu Jose made a delightful lecture and inaugurated the club. Four short films were screened after the talk by Sri Manu Jose. Veli, the short film which is a protest against caste system was much appreciated. Zoo, a perfect montage that portrayed many similarities between human and animal also received huge comments from the audience. The short films titled Ring the Bell and Staring Hearts also received good appreciation from students. The whole interactive session was a true blend of information and entertainment.