NSS Activities 2020-2021

Environment Day

The environment day June 5th was celebrated on 28th of the same month by NSS volunteers. Volunteers have taken pledge not only to plant trees but also to preserve and protect them throughout the year. The NSS volunteers of NASC understand that environment crisis is the greatest threat in front of mankind right now. And the volunteers of NASC would do everything needed to protect the environment.

As per the directions of Mahathma Gandhi University NSS Unit all the volunteers of NSS 113 took swachatha oath to keep their surroundings clean and spread the message of green environment and eco-friendly practices in the month of august.

International Yoga Day

NSS unit 113 celebrated international yoga day on June 21st at college auditorium. The guest of honour for the event was Sri Rakesh kokkayil, an international faculty of yoga and personality development skills. The dean of the college Daisy N O gave her complete support for the success of the programme. Around 100 students participated in the full day session of basic yoga training with teachers and staff of the college.

Flash mob to spread awareness about drug abuse

To spread an awareness about the dangers of using drugs and its consequences on people all around the world, June 26th of every year is considered as international day against drug abuse. Volunteers of NSS unit 113 performed a flash mob in front of all the audience in the college to spread the message.

Formation of NSS unit 113 advisory committee July 17

An advisory committee to implement the plans for the academic year 2019-20 was formed under the initiative of College principal Dr. Geetha CA. Committee included Dean Daisy NO, NSS programme officers (Deepu G & Jeena Vargheese), teachers, President of Chottanikara panchayath Smt. Ramani Janakan, President of KTRA sri.Ramakrishnan (adopted village), ward member chottanikkara, secretary KTRA and nss unit 113 volunteers.

Kerala flood relief collection by NSS 113(August 17)

The volunteers of NSS 113 were able to collect a considerable amount of money for flood relief 2019 in addition to the volunteering work in the campus flood relief camp during the previous floods. The management of NASC also contributed a generous amount to the noble cause. And Euro kid Chottanikara could also provide a good amount of necessary materials to the relief collection. The various materials collected for flood relief were submitted to the NSS collection centre at Ernakulum. The amount collected was submitted to the Kerala chief minister’s relief fund.

Mahathma Gandhi @150

To commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahathma Ganndhi volunteers started planting 150 trees in and out of campus from June 2019. By October 2019, they finished with more than 150 plants. The trees were planted in NASC campus, mulanthuruthy panchayath, the houses of volunteers and adopted village of kureekaad. The management of NASC sponsored lion’s share of trees and Prof. Daisy NO inaugurated the programme by planting trees in the college ground as part of environment day celebrations.

Suvarnam NSS @ 50 Special Camp December 20 to 26

The special camp was organized at St. Marys HSS Thalacode with the utmost support and guidance of George Kuriakose, manager of the college. This year’s special camp had 100+ volunteers and it wouldn’t have been a success without the help of management, principal, all the teachers who cooperated with the camp and above all the senior volunteers, ex-volunteers and especially volunteer secretaries who gave 100% in their duties. The main project of the camp was Green literacy to be made a habit in the society and our volunteers were able to organize programmes that spread green or eco-friendly life awareness among other volunteers and people.