NSS Activities 2020-2021


NSS 2020-2021

NSS unit 113 of Nirmala Arts and Science College Mulanthuruthy celebrated NSS day on September 24th, 2020 at 1:30 pm via Google Meet Platform due to the Covid-19 Pandemic circumstances. Around 65 NSS volunteers  along with Principal Dr. Geetha C.A, Dean Prof. Daisy N.O, and a few teaching staff from all the departments were present.


A one-day Webinar titled “Covid-19 Awareness” was organized by NSS Unit 113, on September 25th, 2020 for NSS volunteers. The awareness programme was handled by Dr. Karamchand, Professor and Head of Medicine, Padiar Memorial Homoeo College, Chottanikkara. He began by illustrating the covid-19 outbreak and its epicentre. Then he went into numerous perspectives of covid-19. He stressed the phrase “fear is the only cause of our body’s immune system being weakened.”


NSS Unit 113 celebrated Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd, 2020 at 11:30am via Google Meet Platform considering the Covid-19 Pandemic circumstances.  The session started with an interesting talk by Mr. Gokul C. Dileep (NSS National Award Winner 2019, St. Mary’s College, Manarcadu, Kottayam) on the Topic: “NSS and Personality Development”. His speech inspired the volunteers and gave a deep insight about NSS activities and personality development. He emphasised the social responsibilities of NSS volunteers.


COVID19, which began as a regional outbreak in China’s Wuhan, has spread globally, infecting people from nearly every country. The survival and well-being of human societies are in jeopardy. Despite of that NSS Unit 113 of Nirmala Arts & Science College Mulanthuruthy had conducted a virtual mode pledge on 8 October 2020 at 1 pm. The pledge was taken by all the NSS volunteers through Google Meet.


The NSS Unit of Nirmala Arts and Science College, Mulanthuruthy, held an out-reach programme at Chengolappadam, a nearby village, on November 17, 2020. Members of the unit collected masks made by Entrepreneurship and Development cell of Nirmala Arts and Science College, as well as sanitizers and Vitamin tablets purchased by volunteers. Villagers expressed their gratitude regarding the programme through their feedback. The NSS volunteer’s sense of civic obligation and humanity values were highlighted during the outreach program.

AIDS DAY AWARENESS 2020 – Poster Making Campaign

World AIDS Day observed every year on 1st of December, brings together people from around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate International solidarity in the face of the epidemic. The NSS Unit 113 Organized AIDS Day Awareness Poster Making Campaign on 1st December 2020. The campaign was coordinated by NSS Programme Officers Mr. Anandhu Aravindan and Mrs. Jeena Varghese. Out of 100 volunteers, 88 volunteers created their posters using pen, paper and various electronic devices.

Road Safety Awareness Programme

As part of the celebration of ‘National Road Safety Month’, NSS unit 113 of Nirmala Arts & Science College Mulanthuruthy along with Janamythri Police Mulanthuruthy had conducted an Awareness programme on January 25th 2021, 12.00 PM at college auditorium for the Students to cultivate awareness about road safety.

Three Day Virtual Mini Camp - 29/01/2021 to 31/01/2021

NSS Unit 113 of Nirmala Arts and Science College, Mulanthuruthy had conducted a 3 day long virtual Mini Camp for the new NSS volunteer’s from 29/01/2021 to 31/01/2021 through Google Meet, coordinated by the programme officers. In different ways, NSS is worthwhile for both students and society. NSS encourages the learner to develop individually as well as groups. The programme made students confident, helped to improve their leadership skills and gain understanding of various individuals from different backgrounds.


A cleaning programme spreading the message of “Plastic free campus; a Green Campus” conducted by the NSS unit. On 26th March 2021, Friday 1st year volunteers conducted a campus cleaning program conveying the message of cleanliness and discipline among students. Despite the hot weather, students enthusiastically engaged in the cleaning programme. They installed separate waste bins in various locations throughout the campus for the collection and burial of waste materials produced on campus.