In pursuit of excellence in education


  • To empower the students with deep knowledge and awareness of current developments in their chosen subjects.
  • To assist the students in developing a sense of personal worth, social consciousness, emotional maturity, loyal citizenship, respect of labour and proactive leadership.
  • To ensure optimum utilization of resources for the benefit of the society


We Nirmalites strongly believe that “Real success lies within a self evolved person.” Nirmala Arts and Science College, Mulanthuruthy focusses mainly on helping our students to evolve into better individuals and emerge as valorous, confident, self- dependent and self- subsistent personalities.

Our College aims to impart life skills, helps them to enhance humanity; love his/her fellow beings irrespective of cast, creed or gender, and to be a proud, responsible citizen of our nation.

Each Nirmalite would be carved to become an ardent lover of nature, who respects the power of nature and preserves it; and proves himself on all counts to be an inspiration and motivation for the future generations to come